Everyone one is born looking a certain way. Some people are blessed facial symmetry akin to Botticelli cherubs, while others are not so lucky. Be that as it may, simply because an individual does not have a perfect face does not mean that they cannot have a happy life. It, therefore, follows that some people might want to undergo some surgical procedures to change the symmetry of their faces.


The people seeking surgical nose procedures in Newport Beach have increased exponentially over the last few years. The best rhinoplasty  is the term given to plastic surgery performs to change the shape of the noses and restore the proper functioning of the nose to the nasal structures. If you are looking to get a nose job done in Newport Beach, you need to know the different kinds of different Rhinoplasty procedures as well as how to about getting a good Rhinoplasty doctor.


Different Types Of Rhinoplasty Procedures


There are four basic medical and cosmetic nose procedures all of which can be done by doctors in Newport Beach.


Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty in Newport Beach and other areas is done for the purpose of major nose reshaping. Ideally, the doctor makes an incision in the strips of skin which allows for the separation of the nostrils. The separation of the nostrils means that the skin and the soft tissues have been lifted off and the surgeon can then work with the underlying nasal anatomy.


Closed Rhinoplasty

With this kind of Rhinoplasty, the incisions are made within the nose, and then the skin is separated from the bone and the cartilage which allows the doctor to access the underlying structure. With that done, the surgeon can then reshape the bone and the cartilage and achieve or even augment them to achieve the desired reshaping of the nose. You can find the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Orange County if you know exactly what kind of procedure you need.


Revision Rhinoplasty

This kind of procedure which is also done in Newport Beach Rhinoplasty is also known as Secondary Rhinoplasty because it is performed as a secondary procedure designed to resolve problems which might have stemmed from the first procedure. It is mostly a minor issue which can be fixed by a simple visit to the office.


Filler Rhinoplasty

In this procedure also available in Newport Beach Rhinoplasty, your surgeon will use injectable fillers to alter the change of your nose to the desired effect. Because it's mostly a non-surgical approach, the doctor can smooth out angles and bumps and efficiently alter the shape of the tip of the nose with the objective to restore a particular kind of symmetry.



With the knowledge of the different types of Rhinoplasty procedures in Orange County and specifically Newport Beach, you can then pick a good Rhinoplasty doctors depending on your specific needs. The best way to go about this is to ask for referrals and do a little additional research. You also need to verify that the best rhinoplasty surgeon in orange county you are evaluating have completed their training in surgery and plastic surgery.